Thursday, December 8, 2016


So I was in charge or creating the frame for the new logo they we created. Andrea was the one in charge of doing the new logo but as a group when we met we came up with the design together. We decided to keep the same colors from the original logo to the new logo. We were thinking how can this logo relate and be unique to St George. Like some companies around town they use the color red or red rocks in the back since that is what we are known for. We came up with a few different designs. Andrea suggested putting mountains in the back to represent both the roof of houses as well as the mountains here. I liked and suggested the idea of putting a window or windows in between the mountains but at the end we decided to keep a simple and clean look. also taking out the double lines under Keller Williams. Having the groups helped a lot because we all were able to help out even with the website, even though I wasn't apart of it I suggest ideas to Jordan which was implemented such as the text styles we used. Overall it was a great turn out and great team work.

Monday, December 5, 2016

For Sale Frame Design

I was in charge of coming up with a new design for the frame of the for sale sign. As you can see the original one is on the left and it is very basic and not really attractive to buyers. The part that stands out the most on it but doesn't go well are the generic smiley face emoji's. In the design I created is simple and basic as well but is a little more thought went into it then throwing together a little A-frame up and a sign. The newer design is wood which is mobile and can be moved from one house to another but it is sturdy enough when pounded in against all typed of weather. Also on the side of the sign there's a pocket that will have pamphlets on the company and who to contact if interested. I feel the newer design is basic yet a lot more attractive then the original one. Also it has our new Keller Williams logo on it.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Keller Williams St. George Realty Personas and Artifact

Our group objective is to make this company more attractive to potential customers by reflecting its high-end clientele.

1) Childless couple with successful careers
Mary and Kent are a lawyer-dentist couple in their 30s. They would like to start a family in the near future, and their small, drab apartment just won't do. As a result, they are on the hunt for a comfortable yet luxurious family home.

2) Rich, retired couple with way too much money
Richard and Bonnie have been happily for over 30 years. Richard works as a respectable neurosurgeon in St. George, which created a financially stable life for him and his family. Although this couple is old enough to live in Sun River, they hate those poorly made commercials, so they would like to live somewhere else if possible.

3) Contractors
Patrick makes his living when he buys properties to build townhouses and apartment complexes that will be available on the housing market. He is in his late 40s with a wife and daughter to support.

Artifact: My responsibility for this project lies in the design of the for sale sign holder. The Keller Williams St. George could use some new sign holders and more modern ones as well.

Sunday, November 13, 2016


My group choose the hallway scene in the movie inception. This movie was very detailed and the type of movie where you need to focus and watch it a couple times to get all of it. I was responsible for reporting on the production designer. In this movie it was Guy Hendrix Dyas. He has been around for quite sometime because he started really early after he graduated from the Royal College of Art in London. Some films that he worked on prior to Inception is X-men 2, Planet of the Apes, and The Matrix Reloaded. When doing the hallways scene much took place and everything needed to be absolutely correct. The hallways was 100ft rotating corridor. Seven steel IB beams were set and 16ft apart. It was all computerized which controlled the speed as well and direction is rotated. What was interesting is this scene had so much detail, in fact it took them 3 weeks to film it but in the movie it was only a 30 second part in the actual movie.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Compose Your Frame

I took this image this past summer in Zions National Park. We pulled off to the side to take some pictures of the mountains and decided since there was no traffic to take this shot. This image is very simple and has the rule of thirds in it. The yellow lines in the middle of the road which divides the traffic apart. There's a lot of contrast going on from the color of the road to the green trees, red mountain and blue sky. This picture here has southern Utah written all over it.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Bad Design vs Good Design

I choose the brand Nike mainly because I been using their product ever since I was a little kid in terms of shoes for sports. As you can see there's been a difference in logos from 1971 till today. Not huge changes have been made but I'm glad they made these changes because looking back at their older logos, I'm not a big fan of it now. I don't remember the 1971 looking logo but that just looks horrible with the NIKE going across the swoosh. I do remember the 1978 and 1985 logo where it was basically the same design with the NIKE hovering above the swoosh they just made the first logo black and the second one white. I do remember at a time when that look was it and didn't think they would change anything. Now as the current logo is very simple just having the swoosh sign. I think Nike was able to do that now which is a much cleaner look is because Nike is well established so most people can see the swoosh sign and instantly know it's from Nike. Never really thought about the change of logo from this company till we had this assignment.